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We believe that there’s a better way for people to manage their finances and plan for their future...

What We Do

At Socratic, we believe that there’s a better way for people to manage their finances and plan for their future that evolves from a broader interpretation of what makes each of us wealthy. We call this approach Better Wealth and it fuels our proven method for investment advising and asset management.

Financial Planning

We believe that successfully navigating life’s financial journey requires experienced guidance and a professional plan that manages not only the opportunities, but also the risks that you may encounter. Socratic Better Wealth's financial planning service is designed to help guide you based on your needs, goals, circumstances and personal philosophy. This service is based on the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ financial planning process and includes, but is not limited to, analysis and recommendations on net worth, cash flow, cash reserve, taxes strategies, insurance, retirement, education, and estate planning. This is intended to be a holistic approach to planning your finances.

Wealth Management

Determining the optimal investment strategy is imperative for any financial plan. With increasing economic uncertainty and a seemingly unlimited universe of investment strategies and options, determining what fits best in your situation can seem like an overwhelming task. Some clients simply do not have the time or desire to do this on their own and prefer to partner with Socratic Better Wealth to meet this need. To balance the need for preservation and performance, we use several investment platforms to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative investment strategies. This allows us to identify and design the best investment strategy for your situation.

Insurance Planning

Ongoing review of your life, disability and long-term care insurance policies and needs is critical to your overall financial plan. As we progress through the stages of life, our insurance needs rarely stay the same. Even with existing policies, the original reason for your purchase may still exist, yet your needs may have changed, requiring more or less coverage. Socratic Better Wealth reviews the insurance needs of clients on an ongoing basis.