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You work for your clients, let us work for you...

Advisor Services

Socratic Better Wealth is more than a company: it’s a community of like-minded, independent business owner advisors that have come together to serve their clients under one brand. This supportive, dynamic environment and shared operational support allow our advisors to focus on serving their clients’ needs.

Together we help clients build Better Wealth as we satisfy the ambitions of our advisors. Our culture is one of collaboration and open dialogue, with an emphasis on establishing meaningful, lasting relationships.

Join Us

We’ve carefully assembled a team and a set of services that satisfy our advisors’ needs to ensure that they can pursue their clients’ goals. Those services include the following:

Our top-notch team is here to support the day-to-day operations of your practice. Utilizing our Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform Redtail®, we’ve designed a system to enhance your client’s experience from the first point of contact. From appointment management and virtual meeting setup assistance to post-meeting follow-ups, we help nurture the relationship between you and your clients. With friendliness as one of our key benefits, we strive to make sure clients find every interaction with our service team authentically warm and consistently respectful.

Brand Office and Infrastructure Support

Here at Socratic Better Wealth, we want to make sure the behind-the-scenes operations of your business are managed with great care and attention to detail. We offer infrastructure support services to advisors, facilitating advisor compliance reporting processes, vendor management, as well as monitoring of your investment licenses and continuing education requirements. With the support of our team, we also offer disaster recovery planning and intervention for your business to ensure that no matter the circumstances, your clients (and your business) are well taken care of.

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