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You work for your clients, let us work for you...

Advisor Services

Socratic Better Wealth is more than a company: it’s a community of like-minded, independent business owner advisors that have come together to serve their clients under one brand. This supportive, dynamic environment and shared operational support allow our advisors to focus on serving their clients’ needs.

Together we help clients build Better Wealth as we satisfy the ambitions of our advisors. Our culture is one of collaboration and open dialogue, with an emphasis on establishing meaningful, lasting relationships.

Join Us

We’ve carefully assembled a team and a set of services that satisfy our advisors’ needs to ensure that they can pursue their clients’ goals. Those services include the following:

Client Service Model (CSM)

  • Account Maintenance, Opening, Closures, and Transfers
  • ClientWorks Maintenance
  • Money Movement
  • New Client Set-up
  • Required Minimum Distribution Management

Referral Marketing Program

  • Ongoing Client and Referral Events
  • Automated Campaign Tool Assistance

Succession Planning

  • Buy/Sell Planning
  • Advisor's Transition Planning

Brand Office and Infrastructure Support Services

  • Human Resource Services
  • Check Receipts & Check Deposits
  • Compliance Logging
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Advisor Compliance Reporting
  • Vendor Management
  • Ongoing Billing of Advisor's Services
  • Office Setup
  • Investment Licenses and Continuing Education Monitoring

Investment Model Management Support*

  • Enhanced Trading Model Application
  • Ongoing Investment Committee Meetings
  • Trade and Re-balancing Rational Tracking

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