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2022 Giving Project: Shepard's Table  Thumbnail

2022 Giving Project: Shepard's Table

Each year, we like to assess what is going on in our community in order to make the greatest impact with our charitable giving campaign. 2022 was particularly tough for many due to the drastic increase in the cost of living, especially the cost of food. This leads more families than ever to reach out for help.  As it relates to our principle of giving and positively impacting our community, we have selected our 2022 $5,000 annual giving recipient. We are proud to announce that the recipient of this year’s gift is the local charitable organization, The Shepard’s Table Soup Kitchen.

The Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen was born out of the selfless acts of kindness from six individuals who saw a need to help and decided to act.  Watching people struggle to find the source of their next meal just wasn’t anything they could stand by and watch happen without trying to help their fellow man.  These six individuals went home, got a plan together, and started cooking.  They made soup and sandwiches in their homes, brought them down in their cars, and started handing them out.  The first day they did this they served 27 hungry and very grateful people.  Today their kitchen operates with approximately 5,000 volunteers a year, along with two full-time and two part-time employees.  They serve a free, hot, and nutritious meal to over 275 men, women, and children each day.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and dine with them, no questions asked. 

If you would like more information about this organization and to learn more about contributing to this cause, please visit their website at www.shepherds-table.org. We encourage you to check out their website and look for donation opportunities along with other ways to get involved with this organization.